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The Polite Approach

Hi, my name is Tina Polite, and I am a PR executive with over 25 years’ experience in Christian Communications. I am a writer, a corporate strategist, and a bit of an expert when it comes to branding and personal PR. I have traveled the country over the last several decades speaking at churches and national conference centers; on various subjects like, PR and the Church, Women in the Marketplace, and what it means to Brand Faith in a Secular Society. I have worked for major Fortune 500 companies, large worldwide ministries and written two books on PR and communications. For over 15 years, I ran my own namesake firm and serviced prominent celebrity clients all over the world.

The Polite Rebrand

I have seen the good and the bad in a cross-section of both the sacred and the secular world. I have managed multiple tours for New York Times bestselling authors and beaten back aggressive journalists with mics in hand, but this venture right here is downright frightening and a huge departure from the norm for my comfort zone. Most of my contemporaries know me as a confident, tough-talking media exec. But honestly, I have a whole other side to my personality.

noun / puh·leet/


Who is Tina Polite?

The Real Tina

I am a wife for over 35 years, a mom and a “glam-mom.” My granddaughter calls me Gigi and I love it! I am a self-professed gourmet cook and foodie, an interior decorator, a lover of architecture and all things French. And after close to 25 years of media frenzy; I have decided to reinvent myself or at the very least begin to enjoy, speak to and indulge in the beauty and the power of the other interests, wisdom, gifts, and experiences that God has shown me, namely sharing my life, my thoughts and my experiences with a wider audience through this blog.

Behind “Sagacious Ladies”

I have had the pleasure of meeting and interacting with so many incredible women over the years. Many of them unknown publicly but still so impactful in my life. Women who have learned the secret to embracing their lives with joy and fulfillment every day. Women who have found their niche sometimes on a public platform or other times in more humble circumstances. But women none the less who have taught me a good deal about the things that matter most in life – loving what God has given you to work with, sharing your love and passion with others, and using your gifts to encourage and inspire those around you. This is what it means to be Sagacious. Recently, I decided it was time to re-access my voice, as well as my objectives. I began to challenge myself to start writing more, sharing my insight and speaking to the things and issues that I really love, what I think matters in the long game. Enjoying life with the people you love and sharing the gift of your wisdom and experience with the people that God has given you an open door to.

What about you?
adjective / se’gāSHes/

Having or showing keen mental discernment and good judgement; shrewd.

adjective / se’gāSHes/

Having or showing keen mental discernment and good judgement; shrewd.

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