We All Have a Personal Brand

We All Have a Personal Brand

Personal Branding

I have been working as a corporate brand manager for over 30 years. That is a really long time. 

But I am speaking more personally now about the impact that this concept of branding once only held for business, can have on us as women of purpose and vision. It’s branding but on an individual level. There is no better time than right now for us to finally come out of the shadows and begin to walk in our gifts and our abilities.

Personal Branding:

I’ve spent decades helping companies and corporations communicate their goals to outside audiences. People traditionally want to understand the heart and the soul of the companies that they do business with. That is what a responsible brand illustrates. No one wants to spend their money on products or services that don’t have some kind of vision to do good in some tangible way. A good brand not only communicates that but does the things necessary to prove it to the people who support it.

I have also seen trends come and go. When I started out we had no social media to think of. Email was just at its beginning. There was no Instagram, no Facebook, and no Twitter. The modes of presenting your brand have vastly changed over the years as have the tools we once used to communicate them. But the meaning still remains the same. A brand is simply a promise. A promise you make to yourself and to others around you. In essence, it’s how you define yourself publicly. It also defines a relationship that you have or want to have with a target audience. 

Like I have with you, my friends. I am building a relationship with the promise of shared wisdom, experiences, and fellowship. Fellowship with like women and men who want to enjoy the life that God has given them. Seizing every moment with joy and leaving something tangible behind by sharing with others around them. Using this new medium to build community. To talk about the things that I think matter in life and career and finding others who feel the same way. Building my tribe. And hopefully finding a unique way to communicate those things. Making the information shared both interesting and beneficial on some deeper level. I wanted to use what I had learned over years of corporate interaction with both individuals and organizations through my unique lens of faith with people especially women all around me that have so much to give but maybe need to be encouraged to do so. Sharing not only my stories and business experiences but the insight of other Sagacious Ladies that I have met along the way. It’s not just my time but it’s our time. Life is what we create it to be!

So personal branding is something for us all! 

It’s important and it’s powerful. And if you don’t think it matters to you just Google yourself and see what comes up. Good, bad, or indifferent. It’s up to us to not just allow our stories to unfold but to work more to control our own narratives. It is your unique gifts and personality that can drive your personal brand. All of us seek to leave a legacy of some kind. To have an impact on this world no matter how small. We all count for something greater than ourselves. It’s understanding what makes us unique and how can we use that uniqueness to improve our lives and the lives of others around us. Through our voices, our talents, our gifts, our contributions, what? Personal branding can help us define that and share that with our own unique target audience be it big or small.

Branding is not just for major corporations and Fortune 500 companies. It is for us as Sagacious Ladies.

After all, branding is no longer just what you do. It is who you are!


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