What is your brand?

What is your brand?

A brand basically is a set of promises. It’s when a company or an institution makes commitments and stands by them consistently. As in Coke-Cola or American Tourister or Toyota. Every time you pick up a Classic Coke it should taste the same, be as refreshing as the last one you had and you should never detect any variables on the company’s promise to always be the “real thing.” Same with a luggage brand which is known for its dependability and quality. Or a car brand that is built to outlast you way before it breaks down. When you choose these brands you do so knowing some things are expected to be true of it.

Well, it’s the same for us as women of God. There should be some basic promises that our publics come to expect from women called out to be ambassadors of Christ. There is a certain look that we should have that constitutes being set apart and different. There is an unexplainable beauty and chicness that graces such women even though you can tell they are choosing to allow their spirits to make the initial impression over their flesh.

There is a certain way that they speak that is rooted in compassion and humility and holiness. Never seeking to promote themselves, allowing the Holy Spirit to do it instead. When we understand that words have power we won’t degrade ourselves or others around us by being common and crass and fitting in conversationally. Instead, we set the tone for a higher and a better to those around us.

Have you ever walked into a room where others were talking and they said something questionable and then apologized because you were standing there? That is what your presence should bring out; conviction and not comfort. If people feel comfortable around you to say anything and do anything. You have lost your witness somehow.

There is an anointing that our choices carry and it becomes evident that something has shifted whenever we step into a room. The attention that others seek through outward instincts we attain effortlessly by merely choosing to decrease so that He can increase through us.

There is a wisdom and a discernment that guides our decisions and causes others to be drawn to us even when they don’t understand the reasoning behind it.

These are the kinds of women who become truly unforgettable. These are the women whose personal brand reflects Christ and these are the kinds of women we are called to be.

Sagaciously Yours,


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