Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

When I was a kid in the seventies, I really loved to read and collect comic books.

I was into all the comic book characters like Prince Valiant, Dennis the Menace, the Archie’s, Batman, Superman, The Fantastic Four and all the rest of the heroes of the DC and Marvel universe. I spent most of my allowance on comic books and I kept them all in neat little piles tucked away on a bookshelf in my room.

My all-time favorite and the one character I most liked to pretend to be was Wonder Woman!

I had a big poster of Wonder Woman on the wall in my room. You know, the vintage one. It was her with the truth lasso and her metal bracelets.  She was the epitome of cool to me.

While most of my childhood friends wanted to be supermodels or singers or TV stars, I just wanted to be Wonder Woman.  I mean just look at her style; the boots are super bad even by today’s standards. And I honestly think that she is the main reason I still can’t pass up a great pair of bracelet cuffs in anybody’s store!

She was glamorous and sexy but in a clean kind of way. She was honest and trustworthy, and she was not to be trifled with by any means. Everyone respected her including men. I loved that.  She did her job and she walked a straight line. There were no gray areas to her personal conduct. Everyone knew that about her.

She was the perfect example of what any young woman could ever aspire to be in my young mind.

I grew up watching all three seasons of the TV series starring Lynda Carter on ABC and then CBS. And my adult kids and I were right there opening night of the latest film version, starring the incredible Israeli actress Gal Gadot.

Well, I no longer have a poster of Wonder Woman hanging in my bedroom, but who knows if I find a Lichtenstein or Warhol version of her somewhere that just may change! I still love the character and I will always admire what she was created to represent.

Recently, my oldest son Joshua and his wife Candyce had Richard and me over for dinner at their home. We had a lovely time. And later that evening we went upstairs to tuck Genevieve our granddaughter into bed.

She especially wanted us to see the new pajamas that she was so excited about. Her mom said that she had picked them out herself.

She said she was not sure why she wanted Wonder Woman pajamas so much, but she was just insistent about having them.

I was so taken back with her serious superhero expression. It brought me back. It was like the 1970’s all over again and I was a kid with a blue towel tied around my neck and my mom’s yellow measuring tape coiled in my hands as my lariat.

Genevieve’s whole demeanor was transformed just by putting on her Wonder Woman sleep set. I could see that without any coaxing. Not sure if it’s the red boots or the star-studded blue bloomers but that outfit still makes you feel like you too are called to represent something incredible as a woman.

It’s so important to acknowledge this fundamental truth that if we believe something about ourselves well enough it can change our whole mindset. It’s just that simple. “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.” And that is for the good as well as for the bad.

It’s good for us girls to have someone to look up to. A standard bearer, a spiritual mother, maybe she’s not Wonder Woman per say. But she can exemplify things that really matter in life.

Things that when we grow up at any age, we hope we can walk in as well. I had women like that in my life. At various stages and ages. Now I want to be that to the younger set that may be listening to me. I have no superpowers, but I do strive to represent the things that God has shown me are important. How about you?

Been thinking about that Wonder Woman sleep set that Genevieve had. I kinda like it myself. It might be fun to cozy up in by the fire this fall. Now I’m not sure if they were just made for kids or not but I certainly know what to put at the top of my Christmas list this year.

Or maybe those red boots, if my google search turns those up first!

live, love & celebrate