Window Shopping

Window Shopping

There is nothing to help put one in the mood for the holidays like window shopping! And yes, that really is a thing.

I mean putting on something festive, grabbing your favorite coffee shop drink and meandering around some gorgeous local boutique windows.

You do not have to buy anything at all. Its wonderful if there’s light snow falling outside as a backdrop but if not you can make do.

Usually, there is holiday music playing somewhere close and all the store windows are decorated and glistening in time for the season. People are bustling a plenty, kids are out and excited and most folks are being extra friendly and outgoing.

It can brighten your whole week.

I took my daughter with me early one evening and explained that no we were not going on a pre-Christmas shopping spree! We were just going to look around, take in the lights and the decorations and enjoy a little bit of the holiday season. She wasn’t so sure that that sounded like fun so, I did promise her her favorite chai Latte and maybe even a Sprinkles cupcake afterwards if she could just hang out with me for a bit.

We stopped to linger at a dozen windows or so, went inside a few select places and then walked around in a gorgeous home décor shop. We took some photos amid all the gorgeous trees and saw quite a few things to put on our Christmas list. Lauren found a gorgeous makeup desk that she felt had her name on it (girls can dream right)!

Afterwards, we found a lovely little café with a warm fire to sit by. We sipped our drinks, checked our email, watched some of the shoppers out of the windows and quietly enjoyed the rest of our evening immensely!

How about you? How do you get into the holiday season?

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