What’s different about this year?

What’s different about this year?

I think I have been sharing with you that I have been feeling the winds of change for quite some time now. God never sneaks up on us. He is such a gentleman. He always gives you hints and indications that He is getting ready to do something new. I think that for most of us if we were honest, whenever we have experienced a major shift or change in our life we can say; I saw it coming or I knew it was happening. It’s up to us to either seize the opportunity or to just let it pass us by again. Real change takes effort.

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions per say. Most of that is empty and very broad. Lose weight, be a better person, buy a house, find happiness, etc. Real change must be God-centered because without him it’s difficult to achieve. It also must be motivated by our purpose in Him.

He will give us the ability to change and evolve, bringing us closer to what we were ultimately purposed in Him to do. As we get older, we should be getting wiser and more determined. Our goals need the wind of the spirit behind us to push us beyond what we normally would be able to do naturally ourselves. It takes tremendous vision and strength to change habits and directions in the natural. We can start out with our minds made up, but most people will fall if it’s just a great idea in theory.

If our goals are empty and based on whim they will falter against difficulties and resistance. But when our goals are God-centered, we have Him in partnership with us to take us above and beyond just our own natural abilities.

When we get weak, He will empower us and help us to make sure that we see it to completion.

I challenge you today to take some time. Maybe a week maybe the whole month to seek God for this new year and resist the same ole resolutions that we always set.

And at the risk of offending someone; put the vision board down. What God has for you can’t be cut out of a magazine or mimicked from pictures of someone else’s life. Its new, its fresh and it hasn’t been seen before. That is why it must come from Him. You are an original. There is no one like you anywhere on earth. So, you can’t get your lead this year from anything else that has already been seen or done.

Share your heart concerning what you see in yourself that you may want to correct. Share with Him your goals and ask Him how do these ideas fit with his plans for your life. Then be still and wait to hear his voice to you. The bible says we have not because we ask not. So, let’s ask.

What’s different about this year? Everything if we ask Him.

live, love & celebrate