Stumbling and Starting

Stumbling and Starting

When I was younger I would often wonder how successful people would find themselves. Sometimes when you look at the most celebrated and documented individuals, it looks as if they were just born to do what they do. But the more I work around successful people the more I have found that simply not to be true. Many of the people with the greatest accolades from their prospective areas have suffered more setbacks and disappointments that any of us could ever imagine.

I have had the privilege to look back on my own career over all these many years although I was always someone in the background behind the newsmakers and marvel at the unprecedented access I have been given into the lives of so many well-known and successful men and women. Not all of them were media stars to be sure. Many of them were people who if I named them, you would not know their names any better than that of a stranger. Yet they have influenced countless lives in some capacity and through some medium, whether you may know it or not.

The common thread that unites their collective experience has often given me hope and bolstered my faith concerning my own destiny. What am I saying exactly; well that God has something for us all. We were created with great potential and great purpose. It is only through a relationship with our savior that we can ever fully discover the great capacity within us to make some sort of lasting difference in this world.

It is so difficult in this day and age especially as women to know who we want to be at the different stages of our lives. There are a plethora of examples all around us. In fashion, in music, in film and art. Everyone’s opinion is shifting and changing with the times around us. Everyone is trying on persona’s and switching up mindsets. What was in fashion in one season is no longer tolerable to the next. But we need divine criteria to guide us. Truths that we can lean on when the winds and the rains begin to approach. When mores and lives are not really sure of either their calling or their purpose.

I think we make a lot of bad choices early, on our own, because we think no one knows us better than we know ourselves when that couldn’t be further from the truth. No one knows us like our savior, and every day we should be moving closer toward seeking him.

It’s ok to be fuzzy in a transition and it’s ok to move through times and seasons without really knowing definitively where we are heading. If we trust him we can go blindly knowing that he leadeth us gently through every uncertainty. We will get there even as we struggle sometimes against our own will and our own ambitions. We have to keep moving in a positive direction by faith, stumbling and starting at times. Ultimately we will find out who we are in the process because destiny and purpose are all tied up in Him.

live, love & celebrate