Physician Heal Thyself

Physician Heal Thyself

I have spent a good portion of my life helping others discover their brand. Taking weeks and months to orchestrate sessions whereby people and companies can dissect their strengths and their gifts and come up with a plan to move closer to their dreams and their life goals.

So, this year I decided “Physician heal thyself,” I set about to deconstruct myself by way of reinvention. It was high time to take a long hard look at myself in light of my life changing and evolving. Would I continue just moving through every day the way I always had? Was I truly happy doing what I did? Did I feel like I was leaving the kind of legacy I wanted for my children? Was I making a real difference, or was I just making money?

Sometimes we can become so settled in what always was that we negate to look around at what perhaps could be. Is that you? We can find so many excuses to just keep it moving. I am too old, or I have missed my window. Or my contacts are all gone. Or I haven’t the money or the support to do that. Or my favorite one, someone like me could never… fill in the blank. I call this blog “Sagacious Ladies.” Ladies who are keen, wise and astute.

But it’s wisdom from above that I reference. When we spend time with God we gain our insight not from the world but from Him. And what makes sense to God never makes sense to the world. We are in fact branded by his grace. The grace to break the odds and do what we have been called to do. No matter the time. No matter our age, no matter the situation or the lack of support. We do it by faith. That is our brand in essence.
It can be very tempting to live in the past and hang on to the joy and the memories of what was our life. But if we can choose to let go and reach we will find our better days are still ahead. And that takes faith to believe in a better than. We are naturally inclined to choose an old brand that we are comfortable with than a new one that we have to try on for size. We like the idea of new but we prefer the feel of familiar even if it doesn’t quite suit us anymore.

So whether you are a mom whose children have left the nest, or someone reevaluating her life and long-standing career. Or a young woman setting out on your own, or someone newly single and slightly nervous. It matters not. Anything new can be unnerving. Don’t fear what awaits you behind the door ajar. Sometimes it’s just a crack of light that you can’t seem to ignore. He opened it for a reason. “Behold I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it”? Or as my kids would say, “Ya better recognize”!

Reinvention is not a word to be feared but rather to be embraced. Let’s grab hold of what is still possible and continue to encourage one another in the faith.

live, love & celebrate