Now Is the Time to Change

Now Is the Time to Change

Now Is The Time To Change

Things all around us are shaking and turbulent. I know. I feel it too. Most of us do not do well in change. That is basic human nature. It’s difficult to not know what to expect. We have been shut up in our homes for a long time now. Our routines have been disrupted. We are unfortunately creatures of habit. Members of a pack mentality. When we get pulled from the pack isolated from the lockstep we panic momentarily. The kids these days talk about being “woke.” I get it. Opening your eyes and really seeing things in a new and different light..yes!! We need that personally.

I have spent more time than I care to admit, lollygagging around in my caftan (needing an excuse to wear it). It’s time to get fully dressed and get at it. We have been looking at this all wrong. It is time out for feeling sorry and lost and time to make even the thing intended to break us strengthen us. Many of us are working from home if we are working. Our schedules are restricted and our movement is more planned and deliberate and not necessarily by our own choice.

We are having to do things we never would have. We are being forced to learn things we thought we never could. We have been stretched in every conceivable way through no fault of our own.

We need to stop fighting it and embrace it!

If we are working from home and we are not driving into our offices, let’s use the extra time to get something done. If we are forced to share space and time with family members like never before then let’s utilize it to really talk, share, and grow deeper together. Let’s do the things we always said if we had more time we would do.

Let’s learn to play the piano, or start that garden with the kids. Let’s begin writing that book. Sign up for that masterclass, write that business plan. Start making headway into that new business. Start a conversation with people that can help you. You have no excuse. We can all pick up a phone.

Since we all do better with a schedule, make yourself one. Get up and exercise. Even if it’s a walk around the block to oxygenate your lungs. You will feel so much better. Spend some time in devotion, write out your goals, and confessions. Get some real work in for yourself while you can. So that at the end of each day you can account for some real advances you have made on a personal scale for yourself.

This season will not last always. While it may seem like it will never end it will. While we may never return to normal we will return to a routine. We have to stop looking at this as merely a disruption and more like an opportunity. Real change is tied to how we perceive our situation. I know things are rough and uncertain. Many of us are swimming in uncharted waters to be sure. Life is still what we make of it. It’s up to us to take the reins and move our destiny in another direction. Let’s wake up and make sure that we are using the opportunity that we have been given well.

Sagaciously yours,


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