Our Cozy Cottage

Our Cozy Cottage

Last year, I decided it was time for Rich and me to consider moving. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my home. It really was perfect for us. It wasn’t big by any means, but it was warm and cozy, and it was situated in a perfect spot that had access to everything thing that we needed.

I love to decorate, and I am told I have a knack for designing spaces around the feel of the individual property. And this house reminded me of a guest cottage somewhere in Santa Monica, California. It had a breezy peaceful kind of vibe to it as soon as you stepped in the doors. So, I tried to capture that feel in my design, casual but elegant, neutral colors and comfy but traditional furniture.

Now, everything in Dallas is big but I have always loved a home where I can find my children and where we are all sort of forced to fellowship with one other.

There was also a small patio outside with a garden and a retaining wall for privacy. Our boys had married and moved into their own homes and our daughter was heading into high school, so this house was a perfect fit for us at the time.

Now we love to entertain, always did and as the boys had children and our youngest went off to college and brought back friends with her, we started to feel a little tight. Between high chairs, playpens and rocking horses our little cottage was closing in. Then my mom and my sister moved to Dallas and we became the family house for every celebration big or small. We just needed more room.

Sometimes it’s hard to leave the familiar for the new even if you have outgrown where you are. But change is good. At any age.

We did finally find another house, truly what I’d like to call our set aside blessing (more about that later). But I have the best memories of this lovely little gem that was my home for many years. I am a firm believer that wherever you are is beautiful in that season.

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