Just Do It

Just Do It

Are we there yet?

Every year I anticipate the end of August here in Texas. There is an ever so slight break in the hot weather as I can feel moderate temperatures coming as the evenings start to close. I love that period of time between September and February when it’s just one celebration after another until the return again of Spring.

It’s the gradual building of excitement that will crescendo at Christmas and the start of another promising new year. Every season about that time I look forward to my momentum. This year will be no different as I have started this blog and the more I work on my posts the more excited I get and the more determined I become to find my voice and express it with passion and clarity. I still have a ton of work to do for my outside clients but more and more I am drawn to this blog. Thinking about what I want to write and how I want to write it. It keeps me up at night obsessing over posts and rewriting and erasing things until I feel I have something relevant to say.

This new direction in life is very much like I feel awaiting fall every year.

What about you?

Are you working through something new in your mind? This is a great time to get started. No matter how big of a challenge it may be. I realize that we are still in the Spring season and Fall is a ways off still.

But anticipation is a good thing because your best days are definitely ahead if you keep moving and like Fall it will appear before you know it. Students returning to school. Vacationers taking their last trips of the season. Teachers preparing to meet new pupils and turn in new lesson plans. New things are breaking ground right now. Today is the time to leap into it roll up your sleeves and just do it! Fall is coming and we will see the beauty of what we are planting right now.

live, love & celebrate