Husband’s Gifts

Husband’s Gifts

Tell me what you want what you really, really want
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For some reason, my husband still doesn’t totally understand my Christmas lists. I do believe that Christmas should have some element of surprise and wonder even for those of us who are mature enough to know that leaving cookies and milk close to the tree will guarantee nothing outside of the dog eating them and possibly getting sick on our carpets.

I love my husband and he really means well but most of his gifts end up in a forgotten drawer way in the back of my custom closets in our bedroom. I have a cornucopia of lovely and pricey attempts of his to make my holidays special. These things are unworn, tagged and still in their original packaging. And for the sincere efforts, I couldn’t love him more but at the expense of shelf and drawer space, I need to just cut to the chase and write it out this year.

There are so many things that my husband gets right. I just don’t think this should be an issue every year. I want to be able to use what he lovingly picks out and have us both feel good about it in the process. I am starting to hate hiding the odd colored scarves and ugly shoes that he buys for me. And I am running out of excuses as to why they aren’t being worn whenever we happen to go out together. And I certainly can’t re-gift them to anyone else. Then they would think I was mad at them as well. Most of the gifts are odd colors, wrong sizes or just not my style at all.

Some of it I suppose is my fault since I hesitate to tell him my real dress size and he lovingly thinks it’s the same as when I met him in our college cafeteria some 40 years ago. And someone forgot to tell him that all jewelry is not the same. If they offer free monograming while you wait its best to just move on.

And while I have nothing against our well known shopping warehouse, I’d really prefer he got my perfume in the department store and not buy it bulk because 5 bottles for one price will last me so much longer than just one bottle of the fancier stuff.

So ok at the risk of losing all the charm and whimsy of the gift giving season. I am writing out my specific Christmas list with size, color and store directions. I made a long list of possibilities for him this year. From simple to elaborate/ luxury in case he really feels inspired. And to start the Near Year right I am cleaning out the closet shelves of all of the odd but lovely things that don’t quite look like me.

We have a community holiday bazaar coming up, where neighborhood kids can shop for affordable gifts for their parents. I will be there with bells on this year.

I just know that somewhere, some really nice lady would just love a brand-new cammo puffer coat with hot pink zipper compartments. Tis the season.

Happy Holidays!!

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