What is it about Grandchildren –

I am a writer, a speaker and the CEO and Principle of my own eponymous PR firm but the title I am most proud of is GiGi. That is what my three grandchildren call me. Well actually only one of them can talk but the other two know who I am regardless, lol!

I love all three of my adult children and my beautiful daughters-in-love but our grandkids just take it to another level for Richard and I. I can’t explain it. We hate to go a week without seeing them. We are really mush when they are around. They give us such joy just being in their company. Our three kids think it’s the craziest thing. Always proclaiming, you would never let us do that! Cookies before dinner. Toys and treats for no reason. Eating ice cream on the sofa, what??!!

We have three little granddaughters and the oldest Genevieve has us wrapped around her sweet little finger, especially her Pop-Pop! She loves to talk to us about her day and explain in great detail where she wants to go and what she would like to do and what she wants to eat. I know as soon as the other two can talk they will follow right behind her.

God is so faithful because we really do get to enjoy the fruit of our labor as parents. That fruit is called the grandchildren!

Raising our children at times seemed like work. They were good kids but it took a lot of attention and planning and time and energy to keep them focused and on track. And many days while we were in the process we just believed by faith that we were making the right decisions and choices as it concerned them and their upbringing. We stayed on our knees literally to get them through all the various stages of their lives just holding on to the scripture that says: “If you train them up in the way that they should go when they are old they will not depart from it.”

By God’s grace, we raised good human beings. But I will admit sometimes we were not having back to back fun as parents. But I must say that we are having a blast as grandparents.

We pray for our adult kids everyday that God strengthens them and keeps them as they strive to raise purpose-driven children on fire for God and filled with agape love and compassion for others around them. It’s a big task in this day and age.

We know that God is with them to empower them to be the kinds of parents these kids need. Hopefully, the kind that we tried to emulate to them.

In the meantime, our assignment is a tad simpler these days. To shower them with love and to basically give them all the frivolous stuff that their parents said no to.

live, love & celebrate