Christmas Sadness

Christmas Sadness

For many people across the country. The holidays can be a lonely time and a time of deep sadness for various reasons. It may be the loss of loved ones creating a void that this time of year somehow deepens.

Or the lack of family and companionship when all the world seems to be invited to a party that they are not privy to.

No one is exempt from sadness, or loneliness, or the thought of another year with the absence of hope in our lives.

Take the time to be aware of the people that are all around us every day. People are often hurting in silence. The elderly neighbors that never have visitors or the quiet coworker that lives alone. Go the extra mile and check on the people God puts in your space. Give them a call, invite them to lunch or just in conversation inquire about their holiday plans. Offer to have someone over or bring them a meal. Maybe buy some gifts anonymously for a family. Be creative and be aware this year.

Christmas is not just presents and decorations but a reminder of man receiving the greatest gift of love that we could ever receive. It is a gift that keeps giving throughout our lives and it is available to anyone who desires a renewed life.

Take time this season to reach out in love to others around you. Wherever they may be. And if you don’t think there is a need just start looking and ask God to show you the people and he will. Share the love of God by being his hands and his heart this season.

Love and kindness are contagious!

live, love & celebrate