Be Open This Year

Be Open This Year

I spoke to a young lady recently that I keep in touch with. She just had a beautiful little baby girl. Having her precious daughter was an answer to prayer for her and her husband. She had waited a long time to see it come to fruition. She wanted to stay home from her job for the first few years at least and spend that time with her baby. She had a prestigious position and was a high-level executive at a national PR firm. So many colleagues told her that if she left at this age and stage of her career, she would never be able to be marketable again.

Yet she had told God that if he would bless her with a child this was her desire. She spoke with her husband prayed about it and together they planned to step out and live off the one income. It was scary and challenging, to say the least. They had a new home in a toney section of town and lots of obligations. As she got closer to her delivery date, she started to fear that it was not a good decision. But she knew it was the desire of her heart. She stepped out and gave her notice and never looked back.

It’s been a year since them and she has not missed a beat. She and her husband now realize that for them it was the best decision they could have ever made. She is loving this time with her daughter. Soon after she left her position, she was offered something new working a few hours at home virtually consulting for a European firm. They don’t even mind her talking to them while holding her baby. And her husband was offered a partnership at his office with a huge increase in salary. Had she not had the courage to let go of the old she would never have experienced her new.

Has God been speaking to you about having the courage to step out and change something? Do you also sense that its time now to go ahead and trust what you know he has told you is possible? Move in faith in accordance with his word. “Behold I do a new thing shall you not know it?”

Is it a new business or a ministry goal? Is is something that will give you back time with your family or perhaps time for yourself? A hidden talent that you know exists, but you have not trusted that it could be your next step to independence or financial security. The challenge is to get up and move as if you believe that you heard. Like Peter and the apostles; it can be easy to recognize his voice calling you onto the water but it’s the one who gets out of the boat that experiences the miraculous! Don’t just sit there as if you don’t believe that God will do what he has said? Is he whispering to you today? If so I would love to hear your story.

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