90 Minute Intensive
Personal Brand

Welcome to Personal Brand Coaching with Tina Polite

Have you ever wondered what your purpose was? Is there a specific cause that ignites a deep passion in you? What are the core beliefs that may be the foundation for your life’s work? Just what kind of impact do you see yourself making in this life? Have you ever felt like you were watching your life play out like a film that you were not part of?

As if you didn’t even recognize the script as it was unfolding. While nothing is perfect, everything is certainly better with a plan, especially this thing we call life. If you would like to actively plan a strategy for your life or your business, then my 90 minute intensive may be just what you need.

Get to the bottom
of your what and why

It’s a 90 minute call just between us to discuss your goals and objectives, your core values, your gifts, and ultimately your mission. God has a plan for us all. Every day we should be working toward something. It helps give us a reason to wake up with joy every morning. We get to the bottom of your what and why in life. To bring clarity to the specific business and personal goals you may want to achieve.

You will receive a questionnaire before your call where we look at where you are at, your desires, your skills, and your dreams.

During our video call, we create a plan on how to move forward strategically, into the next level of your life. You will receive a follow-up email with the written plan.

Investment: $550

Hear from our Community

“Most of you know of my near life long friendship with Richard and Tina Polite. Over the last thirty-plus years, The Lord allowed me a front-row seat observing their phenomenal Christian marriage. From the observation deck, I’ve witnessed the ups and downs, victories and defeats. Frankly, they could not be any more different as individuals. You have Ms. Tina, (a global public relations and personal branding expert with some of the most important clients in our era) the refined queen from the East Coast and Richard (award-winning Christian filmmaker) the brother from New Orleans seventh ward. They have several things in common and central to everything is their love for Jesus Christ and commitment to making Him Lord of their lives and marriage.”

– Pastor Dennis Talbert

“A lot has changed for me since we last connected in March 2018. I’m now the principal of Gravitas Executive Consulting, providing leadership development, communication skills, image management, and business strategy services to both corporate and individual clients. I also have a weekly podcast The Graceful Hustle, where I provide practical tools & spiritual fuel to professional people of faith. And I absolutely love what God is doing in this season of my life!! I doubt I’d have taken these steps without your encouragement. Thank you so much! You have been a real blessing in my life.”

– Monique Edwards